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Payment Information
Individual Rates
Passengers       One-Way            Two-Way          Special Service Fee
One Child               $60                Please Call                      $10
Two Children          $100               Please Call                      $20
Any Addl.               $40                Please Call
Group Rates
Passengers      One-Way         Special Service Fee
One Child               $37                         $10
Two Children           $52                         $20
Any Addl.               $20                   

Transportation fees must be paid in advance at all times.  A one or two-week deposit for the first one or two weeks of service, which will include a registration fee, is required before Services begin. 
Monthly payments are due on the last Thursday of the month and bi-weekly payments are due every other Thursday of each month.  Payments will be deposited that Friday.
Special Service Fee applies to any services performed outside of agreement, which include, but are not limited to, last minute changes, non-available childcare provider and/or alternate drop-off sites without 24-hour notice.  Such fees are due on day which service is performed.  
Passengers from one family that need to be serviced at different times of the day or need to be picked-up from or dropped-off at separate locations will be assessed a special service fee weekly, which will be included in each payment
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